Parenting Matters

And it’s the one thing we don’t train, study, or really receive intentional guidance for. But the reality is it often doesn't look, feel, or turn out the way we planned.

Deep love and the best of intentions is how most of us approach raising our children. But, without creating conscious change and healing in our own childhood traumas, assumptions and learned programming, we repeat the same (often traumatic) patterns of dominance we learned from our own upbringing. 

It’s the last thing we want to do and yet we understandably get caught in our own programmed reactions when we become frustrated and triggered by difficult interactions with our children.

And... as much as we don’t want to have our unresolved experiences affect our children, the truth is, without the chance to heal and reimagine how we relate to them, it does. Our entrenched ways of reacting are stronger than our desire to parent differently than we were parented. 

Until we do the work.
By providing parents with a new Peaceful Parenting approach, generations of children can now be brought up with the security, connection, guidance, and love of parents who have the tools to raise them from a place of peace, empathy and cooperation.

This will naturally translate into the creation of a world filled with secure, connected, and deeply empathetic adults. 


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